Quantcast Three of the oldest installations of Northstar vinyl sheet piling

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7.3 Three of the oldest installations of Northstar vinyl sheet piling.
I. Caye Chapel Island
7.3.1 Date of Mfg.
7.3.2 Date of install
7.3.3 Address
Island off coast of Belize, Central America
7.3.4 Products
Series 3700
7.3.5 Functional Requirements
Hurricane Keith destroyed 2 miles of wooden bulkhead by
washing out the tieback system. Northstar Series 3700 was
used to replace the original structure, complete with
concrete cap and deadmen, connected with 1 in. tierods.
This location subjects the vinyl to the most aggressive, year
round UV conditions possible.
7.3.6 Driving Methods
Water jet
7.3.7 Length
18 ft. sheets( 3 linear kilometers. )
7.3.8 Embedment
Between 8 ft and 9 ft.
7.3.9 Water depth
0 to 3 ft.
7.3.10 Above water
Between 6 and 9 ft.
7.3.11 Any problems to date?
None whatsoever. Since installation, this structure has
weathered 3 hurricanes, one a category 4 storm. This storm
washed out the backfill, however the Northstar vinyl wall
held up to the storm in thesame mode of failure as the
original. There is noindication of any negative effects from
UV rays.
II. Dauphin Island Causeway Project, USACE- Mobile District
7.3.1 Date of Mfg.
7.3.2 Date of install
7.3.3 Address
Dauphin Island, AL
7.3.4 Products
Series 3100
7.3.5 Functional Requirements
This was a seawall, designed to protect the narrow
causeway, leading to the island and exposed to Mobile Bay
wave action.
7.3.6 Driving Methods
Water jet and backhoe push.
7.3.7 Length
10 to 12 ft. sheets, over 7,000 linear ft. in length
7.3.8 Embedment
Only 4 ft.embedment, however rip rap was placed at the
foot and on both sides of the structure.
7.3.9 Water depth
1 ft. to 3 ft. and 100% submerged during hurricanes.
7.3.10 Above water
4 ft +/-
7.3.11 Any problems with wall?  The contractor (Walter Earnest Construction @ 51-476-
4470) reports that this Northstar vinyl wall has since
withstood 2 hurricane events since installation. He also
notes that over the 2,000 ft. length, only one sheet
sustained any damage during the placement of heavy rip

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